Message from BA George Bove

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Brothers and Sisters,

It has truly been a Blessing to serve Local 760 as Business Manager and I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful opportunities that you have provided me. I have been an officer of Local 760 over a decade and March 31st will be my last day as Business Manager.

Serving as Business Manager of Local 760 has provided me with one of the most satisfying highlights of my I.B.E.W. career. While I am excited by the new opportunities that I will be pursuing, I will always reflect and remember my time as Business Manager with great fondness.

Todd Lykins will serve as our interim Business Manager. Todd is a trustworthy and good man who is experienced and ready to lead. I personally ask that you support Todd and show the unity and solidarity that has made I.B.E.W. Local 760 the absolute best in the Brotherhood.

One more personal note;

My wife and I want you to know we greatly appreciate your

prayers and unwavering support over the years….

It is great to be I.B.E.W. 760!!!!


George Bove

Business Manager

IBEW Local 760

IBEW invites YOU!

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Please mark your calendar for this awesome event.

IBEW 760 Training Center

Dedication / Open House

6107 Central Ave Pike Knoxville TN 37912

Saturday, March 15th at 10am ET

The members of IBEW 760 proudly welcome you, IBEW International President Ed Hill and

IBEW International Vice President Bobby Klein to this wonderful celebration of Progress and Growth.

No need to RSVP…. just show up and be a part of the celebration.

Thank you for all you do,

George A. Bove

CARD # D976901

Financial Secretary / Business Manager


Dominus vobiscum
May the Lord be with you

2 January, 2014 11:52

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Oak Ridge Unit 2013

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Welcome Brother Jacob Cole

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Taking the Oath

ready to electrify!!

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Brother Jerry Hembree selected Inside Unit Chair

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New Inside Unit Cahirman 2013


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